This plant which is consumed frequently as salad in the countries in Asia has the property of destroying carcinogenic cells without harming the health tissue.


Research team from University of Washington created a component based on traditional Chinese medicine which is 1, 200 more effective in the killing the malignant cells compared to the medicines which are been used in the chemotherapy. Combined with iron, this plant attacks only the carcinogenic cells.

Traditional chemotherapy leaves consequences and kills also healthy cells and that the reason why the researchers are courage to use and present this revelation.

The standard chemotherapy kills one normal cell on every 5 infected cells, ant this plant kills 12,000 infected cells on every 1 normal cell.

This remedy is called sweet wormwood, and it has been used over 2 millenniums in the traditional Chinese medicine for treating many diseases and health conditions.  Only few parts of the remedy are beneficial and of course act successfully combined with iron in the fight with cancer.

Henri Leigh one of the authors in this research in which is discovered the remedy says that this compound works as Trojan hours to the infected cells.