When it’s cold outside the first thing that suffer on your body are the feet. That’s because the flow of blood to the extremities gets slow down and the feet start to cool down.

Some of the problems and health issues that appear are: colds, cystitis, kidney problems are just few of the many issues we face as a result of cold feet. But how can we keep our feet warm when it’s freezing outside?

Sometimes after work we wait for the bus for a long time or we just enjoy long walks in the snow. Not even winter boots and wool socks can help us warm up in such situations. Our toes start getting numb and we feel the cold slowly spreading up our body.

But do you know that you can change this in fact we want to present you a simple trick that will keep your feet warm.


This is what you’ll need:

Your winter boots

A pair of scissors

Marker pen

Reflective material (you can use the reflective sunscreen we use for our cars in the summer)

Remove the shoe insert of the boot, draw an outline around the shoe insert and cut it out from the reflective material.  Place the new insert in your boots under the original inserts and problem solved.

How does it work?

This reflecting material will not only keep your feet isolated from the incoming cold but will also reflect your body heat back to you ensuring that your feet stay warm and cozy.