Do you know that almost 40% of the food in America is thrown away? Most of the food never got the chance to be consumed in proper way and a little of that gets the luck to turn in compost.

The colors in plants are what contain the cell reinforcements that are so helpful to human wellbeing. Read this because you decide to throw away another onion skin.

You cannot eat the skin of an onion, but inside it contains concentration of guercetin, antioxidant that helps reducing blood pressure, avoiding arteriosclerosis etc. Using the onion skin in the next meal you prepare will make your plate richer with this and some other nutrients.

The onion is very healthy vegetable and has many antibacterial goods. Onion can help in reducing blood sugar or killing cancer cells. Onion can stop nosebleeds and has enough power to provide vitamin C for the immune system.


In fact we throw most of the parts of specific vegetables. Sometimes we are not satisfied of their appearance, but those parts are really nutritious and tasty as the part we chose to eat. For example laves from the broccoli and cereal have more fibers and vitamins that the stalks.  All things considered, the leaves are the methods by which plants assimilate the daylight for photosynthesis. Also beet and carrot leaves, too–a minimal biting green can kick the other food.

If you steam stalks of kale and chard they becomes easy for eating. You can add some garlic for flavor and health benefits as well, to reduce the risk of tumors, curbing cholesterol and blood sugar.

When we eat fruits we throw away most of the good parts. Think about the peel when you eat citrus fruits. Add in the orange or lemon juice their peel, it might have bitter taste, but certainly would be healthier. The best form the plants is their pigment.

You can use orange peels in many recipes, I smoothies, or in water and eat them after drinking, Your breath will be freshening and you will have large amount of fiber, vitamin C, and phenolics–antimicrobial that can detoxify cells from contact to toxic metals and reduce the oxidative stress. The peels also clean the water from toxins.

The healing property of melon peel is wide. You can add some in juices made from other fruits. The amino acids in the melon can helps with erectile dysfunction.

The finishes of vegetables you usually cut off can be beginning of new plants: you can root scallions and leeks in some water and you can grow ginger and potatoes with sticking them in some pot of dirt.

Enrich the meals with stems, leaves, roots or peels the others may not even realize that you have put them just to get rid of them, but it would be beneficial.