The cigarettes the toxic pleasure we enjoyed can give many negative effects on the whole organism. Maybe you have quit smoking or you are still smoker but you can still clean your body from nicotine. Fresh and organic products can help you to clean the body in a fastest way.NIKOTINCENCENCENCE

Green tea and vitamin water

Smoking dehydrates the body, in order to restore the fluids you can intake large amounts of vitamin water or green tea.

Orange juice

This juice also has the properties to hydrate the body and to provide with necessary vitamins and in the same way to clean out the nicotine. Take two oranges and squeeze the juice form them Spinach and broccoli

Folic acid is important for the normal operation and the development of the body, but also when it comes to cleaning the organism of nicotine. Besides in form of tablets, folic acid can be entered in the body through food, for example through spinach. Broccoli is also good for consumption because it is full of vitamins C and B5, which clean the organism from nicotine. Add some water and drink it before every meal.

Fresh carrots

The nicotine is not good for the skin as well it makes the skin dry and lifeless. Carrots in this case can help to restore the freshness of the skin. Carrots are rich in vitamins A, C, K and B, and they are the best cleaners of the body. Carrots can be eaten fresh or squeezed in a juicer in combination with an apple and a lemon.

Kiwi and lemon

Smoking kills the vitamin A, C and E from the body. Those vitamins are essential for the body to fight against infections and germs. One kiwi per day or juice freshly made from lemons every day will provide those needed vitamins.