Recent study conducted in the University of Michigan have discovered that black pepper and turmeric in a combination together can be very helpful in preventing and even treating breast cancer.

In fact turmeric is very powerful medicinal herb, when consumed orally; it has a poor bioavailability (absorption) due to its rapid metabolism in the liver and intestinal wall.

The black pepper actually can increase the bioavailability of the cancer, inflammation and infection fighter, curcumin, up to 2000%.ICKA

Health benefits of black pepper and turmeric

Anti-cancer combination

This study was conducted and confirmed by specialist and it is proven that the compound in the black pepper called pierine makes the curcumin in the turmeric to be 100o times more bioavailable. . Without piperine, bioavailability of turmeric is really low.

The Breast Cancer Research and Treatment Journal have published a study where the researches found discovered that curcumin and piperine, when combined, were able to target cancer stem cells.