Recent research has shown that lauric acid can eliminate more than 90% of cancer cells only with 2 days treatment. Lauric acid makes the half content of coconut oil.)

What is interesting is that lauric acid contaminated cancer cells by releasing intense oxidative stress and by effectively reducing the levels of glutathione in cancer cells at the same time.

Glutathione is used by cancer cells to protect from oxidative stressGTER


There are just few studies that have highlighted the counter growth properties of coconut oil.


On the other hand, coconut oil is known for the recuperating properties and medical advantages for a long time.


Coconut oil can effectively dispose of microscopic organisms, different infections, parasites, growths and destructive microorganisms.


Coconut oil likewise bolsters absorption, helps liver digestion system, enhances skin wellbeing, diminishes aggravation and quickens wound recuperating.

According to some studies coconut oil can also be helpful in cases of diabetes because it has ability to increase the levels of HDL (good cholesterol) in women, regulate the HDL – LDL ratio and support weight loss efforts of both men and women.

This oil is presently a part of a few clinical trials concentrated on adjustment of cholesterol levels in patients experiencing perpetual coronary illness, anticipating and battling Alzheimer’s malady and for settling glucose levels and circulatory strain.


Coconut oil is stand-out with regards to the vicinity of lauric acid in light of the fact that this acid takes about part of its substance

It is hard to find Lauric acid which is a type of triglyceride in other foods. Another interesting fact is that cow’s fat consists of 2% lauric acid and about 6% of human milk is lauric acid. This means that humans need more lauric acid than other living beings.

But whatsoever not everyone agrees and confirms that coconut and coconut oil can be the cure for cancer. Notwithstanding, this to remind all researchers that work in this field Mother Nature