Only three peaches a day can help in breast cancer fight, according to the results of one last research.

This important discovery was made by American scientists based on experiment conducted on mice.PRAS

  • We injected cells of aggressive breast cancer under the mice’s skin, and than we treated with peach extracts, – said Dr. Louis Kisneros Zevalos, who implemented the project.

He noted that the medical team noticed a positive effect just in few weeks, which means that the peaches have destroyed the metastases and prevent the disease.

The scientists also calculated the dose used in mice and applied on people, later after they come with conclusion that consuming two to three peaches a day would have the same effect in women.

  • The importance of this discovery is huge because it shows how natural compounds have effect on this deadly disease in this case the phenolic compounds in peach , noted Zevalos, emphasizing that it is important to eat whole fruit rather than juice, because otherwise you will not get the same result.

In western countries breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, and the latest data shows that in US 232,000 women got the disease last year.