Fatty substance also known as lipid is very important and essential for proper function of the body. The main source is the liver but also it could be found in some types of food. There are two types of cholesterol: good and bad.

In the situation when the level of lipids is excessively high also known by the term hyperlipidemia can have effect on the health.

Usually high cholesterol do not shows any symptoms but can increase the risk of serious health conditions.

To check the level of cholesterols both HDL and LDL there is a specific blood test.

The recommended cholesterol levels in the blood vary between those with a higher or lower risk of developing arterial disease.golm

If you have high level of cholesterol many factors can increase the chances of having stroke or other heart problems.

Some of the factors are:

Unhealthy diet- this means consuming a lot of saturated fats



High blood pressure

Family history of stroke or heart diseases

How to maintain good level of cholesterol:

Firstly, in order to reduce the level of cholesterol is to maintain proper and healthy diet. That’s mean to keep your diet low in fatty foods.

  • Make changes in your diet: replace the saturated fat with fruits, vegetables and wholegrain cereals.
  • Take regular exercises

And if you are smoker – GIVE UP SMOKING!!!