Stress, bad nutrition and lack of sleep influence a lot the accelerated aging. Besides the expensive creams and medical treatments, there are other efficient ways for rejuvenation.ubav

Hydration – drinking one and a half liter of still water on a daily basis will help the body to get rid of the harmful substances, to purify the skin, to reduce the bags, and to make your face look much younger and fresher.

Regular face exercises – It is proofed that every-day face exercises tightens the skin. This gymnastic can be done in every part of the day, in the morning before you go to work or in the evening while you watch TV, which is good. Most common used exercise is ‘E-O’. First you say the letter ‘E’, thereupon pucker up your lips to say the letter ‘O’. Repeat this at least one minute.

Fresh air – Central heating, climate and air pollution affect the skin very badly, so it is recommendable to spend at least half an hour on fresh air.

Good nutrition – There are a lot of natural products that are called ‘anti-aging’ such as blueberry, avocado, soya bean, broccoli.