Nutella is a product loved both by children and adults. Many people claim that they are addicted to its divine creamy taste. Many advertisements state that Nutella belongs to the group of healthy meals and that it is good and healthy for everyone. But actually that is not true. Some of the ingredients used for making the Nutella are really bad for our health and are GMO. Of course, not all of them are unhealthy but just a few are more than enough to ruin everything.


Here are the four GMO Nutella ingredients:

1. Soy – not harmful at all if it is consumed in small amounts. Nowadays people use soy in extremely large amounts and of course that is really not healthy. Soy lecithin can cause many problems to our body and health. Experts say that it can be responsible for: weight gain, menstruation problems, fatigue, thyroid depression and even breast cancer.

2. Sugar – Nutella uses cheap sugar full of pesticides which make it hardly digestible. Such sugars are also known as neurotoxins which usually cause brain cells elimination. Migraine, autism, depression, ADD and ADHD are all connected to the use of these types of sugars.

3. Skim milk – Many of us think that milk is good for our body and that they produce it in a healthy way. But that’s also not true, especially for the milk used in Nutella. The milk inside the Nutella is bad milk from ill cows that have consumed antibiotics. Sometimes they use powered milk which is the worst without doubt. Powdered milk causes cholesterol elevation.

4. Vanillin – it is a fake unnatural type of flavor which tastes just like true vanilla flav
or. It is consisted of neurotoxins that eliminate brain cells and it causes addiction. These types of flavors are usually produced in factories located in China.

These four extremely bad ingredients are definitely more than a great reason why you should say no to Nutella. We need to start protecting ourselves and our dearest ones from all those unhealthy foods and products such as Nutella and it needs to start NOW before it is too late.