One of the main signs for respiratory infection is common coughing. There is a difference between dry and wet coughing.

Dry coughing is the result of damaged upper respiratory tracts, or damaged mucosa. Commonly the nasal discharge goes down the throat and the trachea so the organism tries to throw it through coughinghhdhddjdkdkd.

Whereas the wet coughing is the result of the thorax being full of discharge and commonly ends with bronchitis or inflammation of the thorax. If not manifested with high temperature and breeding difficulties, coughing can be treated with different types of natural syrups. For example, marshmallow syrup is used for the dry coughing, because it treats the throat mucosa and helps the organism to fight the dry cough. On the other hand, it is not useful for the dry coughing, because it works only locally and helps only the upper respiratory tracts, it can not get to the lower respiratory tracts. The usage of this syrup is three times per day of one tablespoon (5ml).