You should keep fit as much as possible, you can do so by eating a healthy diet. You can also stay fit be getting loads of rest and sleep. However, one other way of keeping fit along with the aforementioned, is by engaging in stretching exercises. Here are six (6) stretching exercises that you can try out today to keep your body very fit.

  1. Complete Body Stretching Exercise

Follow these instructions to properly execute this exercise.

  • Inhale deeply as you stretch out your arms over your head.
  • Lock your fingers as you do this.
  • Make sure your locked fingers are flipped in order to open your palms to face the opposite direction.
  • You should then go down to touch your toes, while your knees are kept straightened.
  • This posture should be kept steady for about 5 seconds, you can then exhale and try out the stretch for about three more times.

  1. Try The Figure-Four Stretching Exercise
  • First thing you need to do is to place your right foot over your left knee, so that it appears like a 4.
  • Next your left knee should be gently bent upwards, facing the ceiling.
  • You can place your left foot close to your chest or leave it on your bed.
  • Leave your right knee in a bent posture and keep this posture for about 5 deep inhalation, after which change sides.
  • By doing this exercise you will properly lubricate your glutes, hip joints and thighs.

  1. Try Out The Bed-To-Floor Stretch
  • Let your feet be on the ground on the other side of your bed.
  • Let your back be rounded completely over your knees while your arms and head hang low to the ground.
  • Keep this posture for 5 deep breaths, then release.
  • Your back will be stretched out well and also you boost the oxygen supply to your brain.

  1. Do The Knee-To-Chest Stretch
  • Let your feet be planted flat on the bed as you gently bend your knees.
  • With your hands wrapped round your shins, pull your knees to your chest.
  • Keep this posture steady for about 15 seconds.
  • This stretching exercise will help to make your lower back more flexible.

  1. Do The Supine Twist Stretching Exercise
  • While maintaining a knee-to-chest posture, you should then gently let go of your shins and allow your arms to go to your sides forming a sort of “T” formation, with your arms on either sides of your body.
  • Your shoulders should be flat on the bed and your knees bent, as you move your legs completely to one side of your body using your hips as leverage.
  • You can turn your head to the other opposite side of your legs and keep this posture for about 15 seconds.
  • You should then change positions, turning your head to the opposite side and your legs to the other side of your body.
  • Keep this posture steady for a period of 15 seconds also. By doing this stretch you will boost blood circulation and your spinal muscles will also be stretched out.

  1. Do This Forward Seated Bend
  • Let your upper body be lifted up while your legs are straightened out, take a deep breath as your spine is straightened also.
  • Exhale and as you do move your fingertips to your feet and stretching your spinal region in the process, as you seat in a forward position.
  • Your neck should be positioned towards your legs, as you stretch out forward as far as you can.
  • Take 10 deep breaths and then gently lift up your upper body.
  • This stretching exercise will help to stretch out your hamstrings, spine and even your pelvis region.

Source: Prevention.Com