Vitiligo is a disease appearing on the skin on different parts of the body including the face, manifesting with white flaws and it is a result of disappearance of the pigment cells – melanocytes. The disease itself is not health threatening, but it can appear along with some other disease as the thyroid gland, diabetes, Addison disease. Doctors’ allegate that this disease appears as a result of immune system disease as well as the genetic factor which has big role in the development of this disease. The flaws usually appear on the skin above the finger joints, on the knees, elbows, face especially around the mouth, eyes, and other parts of the body.FotorCreated

According the extent and distribution of the depigmented areas, the vitiligo can be classified in three basic forms: localized, generalized and universal. Localized form occurs in 2% of the patients and it can be focal or segmental. Generalized form is the most common and occurs in even 90% of the patients. Universal form occurs in 8% of the patients, but covers even 80% of the skin surface. The disease process has a slow progress, however at a certain number of patients the disease can remain still for a couple of years. In some of the cases it can come to complete loosing of the pigment for a short period of 6-12 months from the beginning of the disease. The treatment of this disease is not always unnecessary, some of the patients get their color back without any treatment.