The varices are a consequence of a laden bloodstream and low circulation. Their treatment needs a lot of persistence, patience and time to get the results. If not treated on time, they can provoke thrombosis, open gashes etc. This health issue can be treated with a completely natural way using natural herbs.veni

Horse chestnut – horse chestnut overlays are efficient natural cure which normalizes the bloodstream and reduces the pain, tiredness and swollen legs.

    Calendula cream – The best is to be homemade on the following way: you need 4 hands of finely chopped calendula and 500 grams of cream, after you heated up the cream mix it with the chopped calendula. When the mixture is boiled put it aside for one night on a room temperature. On the next day heat it up again in order to filter it, and you apply it like that couple of times during the day on the troubled spot.

Fresh cabbage – Another perfect overlay for variaces are the fresh cabbage leaves. All you need is a bigger fresh cabbage so that the leaves are big enough to be anchored on the swollen spots and keep them like that until they dry. Then you apply new leaves.