Hair defines the splendor and self-self assurance, absolutely. However occasionally we forget about hair care and simply look most effective after our skin. So in case you don’t take note of your hair, you should sincerely.


We try different expensive treatments, medical care for having hair growth. But you cannot always go for these expensive remedies always. So, instead of spending a lot of bucks on them, try this homemade recipe that will enhance your hair density, length and will make your hair smoother than ever.

Selfmade recipe to grow hair quicker.


Begin with oiling your hair.

You would need mask as well. To prepare mask, you will need:

Ingredient 1 – Yellow bananas as per requirement.

Take a banana and peel it off followed by cutting into small pieces.
Grind the banana and make a clean lump-free paste.Separate egg yolks and egg whites as you will want simplest egg whites.

Ingredient 2: 2 Eggs

 Ingredient 3: Honey

Ingredient 4: Coconut milk

Ingredient 5: Olive oil


Blend the whole thing and follow on your scalp and leave for half-hour.


Then wash your hair with mild shampoo.

Then wash your hair with mild shampoo.

Apply this mask once in a month and get the amazing results.

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