Many people like to drink their coffee when it’s cold, and some even enjoy a single cup throughout the entire day. But is it wise to do it? Here is the answer.


How many times has it happened that you simply don’t have the time to drink the coffee you bought or brewed immediately? Instead, every once in a while after completing a task at home or at work, you at least have a sip and then continue what you’re doing. You’re repeating this throughout the entire day but now you’re no longer sure whether the coffee is healthy to take that way? The answer depends on many factors.

Coffee with Milk

If it is tightly closed and it’s in the refrigerator, the milk may be well even for a whole week. But if you keep the coffee with milk on a room temperature for a couple of hours, you better discard it and brew yourself a new one.

What if it tastes strange?

Brewed coffee can change its taste already after 30 minutes. After that you have approximately four hours before the coffee oils start to break down, resulting in a poor taste. So, it is the best to drink your coffee within half an hour.

Is it possible to poison yourself?

Pure black coffee is safe to drink even after a few hours, although it is unlikely for its taste to remain the same as it was when it was freshly brewed. If you still decide to drink it, you should re-heat it in the microwave as it will destroy all bacteria that have gathered in the meantime.