Did you know that people from various countries have different showering habits? Research shows that the people who live in countries where water is available, shower on daily basis. Overall, showering is considered as a healthier way to clean your body than the bathing way, which involves sitting in a water filled with dead cells and impurities.

Experts say that showering on daily basis, not matter how much we want it or how pleasant it is, is not actually good for our skin because it dries out the natural grease which serves to protect our skin.


Aggressive detergents can cause excessive dryness and even sweating, so experts say that we should bath with clean water and only use our favorite shower gels in some occasions.

Showering habits can also be cultural, so for example people in Asia usually shower at night, while people from the US mostly shower in the morning. In Europe, there are no such let’s say rules, because the number of people that shower at night is almost the same with the people that shower in the morning.

Advantages of a morning shower:

  1. The morning shower will wake you up better than a cup of coffee – it stimulates the circulation and speeds up the heart rate, which improves the functionality of our body and enables a better concentration in the morning
  2. A morning shower is better for people with greasy skin, because people sweat during the night and the sweat remains on our skin throughout the entire day. It is advised to use warm water.
  3. Morning shower eases muscle tension, so it’s a great way to reduce neck stiffness or back pain.

Advantages of a night shower:

  1. A night shower is a great way of relaxing after a busy day. Showering lowers your blood pressure and reduces stress.
  2. The night shower will help you fall asleep faster – it’s the perfect medicine for insomnia because of its calming effect and it also signals our body to begin the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that anticipates the daily onset of darkness; in other words, it makes you feel sleepy.
  3. Your linens will be clean if you take a shower before you go to bed. Namely, even if you consider yourself a clean person, sebum and dead cells pile up on your skin.