Although Green tea is the one most popular lately, Black tea is a tea which has a long tradition and verified quality.
Black tea is among the top selling herbs in Western countries. Scientists sometimes refer to it as the Green tea’s brother because they are both derived from the same plant – Camellia Sinensis. Besides Green and Black tea, this herb also provides the so-called White tea, and all three have a great impact on the body.


Black tea compared to its “brothers” contains the most caffeine, which means that this tea is an ideal replacement for coffee and energy drinks. Its healing effects have been investigated repeatedly and almost all tests confirmed that the Black tea has a great effect on the health of our heart and blood vessels. Researchers say that this tea is particularly good because it prevents the inflammation of the blood vessel walls which prevent many diseases.

The Boston University School of Medicine conducted a study which included a group of patients who had a heart disease. One group was supposed to drink 4 cups of black tea a day while the other group wasn’t supposed to drink black tea at all. After a month of the research, the results showed that patients who drank black tea had a 50% improvement in cardiac and blood vessels health compared to the other group who did not consume black tea.

Except for the improvement of cardiac functions, this tea is also excellent for improving the brain function, and the function and overall health of the lungs. Scientists say that Black tea is a great drink that you should consume during times of increased physical or mental activity because it improves our concentration, energy and improves reflex, which makes it perfect for people who spend a lot of time in their cars.
If we speak about antioxidants, we can say that the Green tea has a slightly higher amount than the Black tea.

There is so much more to write about the Black tea, but we wrote its basic features. You started wondering which tea you should drink? We say that you should pick yourself because they are both excellent for your health. One thing that we need to warn you is that you should not drink these teas in excessive amounts because a high level of caffeine has a bad impact on your health. People who are not sensitive to caffeine can drink up to 4 cups of Black tea throughout the day.