With the tips given ahead, you will be able to ensure a safer drive for you and your child. Read on.



Buckle up
Never forget your seatbelt. Also as per National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s instructions, the belt must always go over the chest and under the belly. Never across the belly.

Avoid driving
During pregnancy you do have a lot of medical conditions like dizziness and nausea. Therefore it is best if you don’t drive so that you can always manage yourself even if you do get sick.



How To Use Seat Belt:-


Belly away from the steering wheel
While driving, if you have to, tilt the steering wheel upwards so that you’re always clear from the threat of having your belly crash into the wheel in time of an accident.

Don’t lean forward
Keep your seat tilted backwards so that by sitting too straight or leaning forward you don’t create an unnecessary pressure on your belly.



Avoid Speed Breakers or Go Slow…


Complete belt care
Some people leave the shoulder belt behind the back and only do with the lap belt. This is a wrong way. You should always have the shoulder belt on so that when you are in a situation of sudden breaks you don’t bend forward too suddenly.

In time of collision
It might not appear to you that you have been hurt but it is best to call your doctor immediately. A doctor will be able to give you best advice on how to go forward.

Never go by your gut. Remember you are not just responsible for yourself now. You have your child to look after too.