Your body is smart and it sends you warning signs about your health problems they you may have. Note: Do not ignore the following 10 signs because they can save your life!


  • White of the eye

Normally, the white of the eye is always white. Red eye may be an indication of allergic reaction, reaction to stress, or can be a sign of a viral infection.

  • Grey hairs before you turn 35

This warning sign may indicate many different health problems, such as: diabetes, many stressful years, and it can be genetic problem as well.

  • Too many moles

Some of them are 100% safe, but always be careful when moles are in questions, as some of them may indicate skin cancer. Check them to make sure that they are harmless.

  • Dry, chapped lips

It may be caused by periodic changes in body temperature, but in more severe and more serious cases, it may be cause of the lack of vitamin B, C or zinc. It can be caused by fungal infection as well.

  • Swollen neck

This condition is common in women aged 30 years and it is usually caused by some infection or sore throat. However, swollen neck can indicate problems with the thyroid gland and in this case you should visit your doctor immediately.