With so many diets to chose from these days, many of us are still struggling to lose weight.


But it might not be your fault – you could simply be following the wrong diet.

Hormones, genetics and emotional factors can all contribute to your struggle to lose weight.The key is finding the right diet for your body type – and your mind.

Also known as “miracle water”, this simple recipe that will not only helps you lose weight, but also helps you improve your energy levels during the day.
What exactly is eggplant water?
The water is simply the byproduct of boiling the eggplant. Most of the time you boil your veggies and throw the water away. This time, you are removing the veggie and saving the water.
Here is what to do:
Wash the eggplant and cut it into small pieces. Boil for about five minutes. Let it all cool off, then strain all the water out and keep the water. Place the water in the fridge until you’re ready to use it.
How many cups should you drink?
An 8-ounce glass of eggplant water daily is often recommended. For starters, try a glass a day. You must take it for seven days straight. It is recommended to follow this diet at least once a month, as well as help to fight abdominal fat, will help cleanse the body.
Other benefits of eggplant
– Eggplants help us eliminate cholesterol.
– Eliminate toxins from the body and being well suited to combat constipation.
– It has antioxidant properties due to Vitamin E and anthocyanin , an antioxidant that protects us from various cancers and heart disease.
– Eggplant fiber helps to cleanse the body, as we noted earlier. It also allows us to lower blood sugar levels, thus favoring diabetics.
– Eggplants are very good for people who suffer from liver problems because it stimulates the functioning of bile.
Eggplant’s water stands as a simple remedy for weight loss. Knowing how to take it, you can become a must to go gradually reducing that annoying belly fat help.