When you get home after work the last thing you want to do is washing your dishes. And there is always a whole bunch of them which must be cleaned by the end of the day.

This job should not be that hard if you know some simple tricks. You will need a tea bag in the sink and let the miracle happen. For this reason, do not throw your tea bags ever again.


You can use tea to perform many different tasks.

You can use the tea bags in many different ways like:

  • Soaking dirty food stains and greasy particles from your sink. Just put it into the dirty sink, let it act for some time and the food stains and greasy particles will decrease and so will your scrubbing work.
  • Reducing inflammation, bruises, and skin irritations. Soak the tea bag in some water and place it over the affected spot.
  • Rejuvenating puffy eyes and reducing dark circles.
  • Soaking and deodorizing bad odors.
  • Keeping ants and rodents away from your home.

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