It was stated that health problems which lead to cancer are related to oxygen-less respiration of the body cells by Jane G. Goldberg, PhD and psychonalyst. This is a known fact for over a centry now and there is even a therapy for this condition called ozone therapy for which a German doctor recieved a nobel price. Eventhough it is very successful, almost no practitinoers offer it in the USA.
What is ozone?
It is produced when the UV radiation from the sun brakes down oxygen molecules and ozone usually appears after rainfall or thunderstorms. It is actully that familiar scent that cleanses the atmosphere and our bodies. Current technology allows us to produce it at will.
Oxygen and ozone
The difference between ozone and oxygen is that ozone is made up of three oxygen atoms compared to the two present in the oxygen we breathe. Ozone becomes unstable because of that third atom which turns ozone into O2 whith a more powrful and energizing nature since it transfers to another cell and gets in contact with ozone.
Where is ozone therapy used?
Dr. Goldberg says that this therapy is recommended by even 70-80% of the doctors in Germany, but it is used all around the world as well. Even 3000 references are contained in the in the German medical literature. Anti-cancer ozone therapy practitioner from Germany, Dr. Horst Kief claims that he reversed AIDS with this therapy.Beside Germany, ozone therapy is also used in India, Russia and Cuba.
Why isn’t it available in the USA?
This therapy relies on oxygen which is a free element, and all we need in order to make ozone from oxygen is a small generator and oxygen concentrator which are cheap and easily available. So, the reason why it isn’t used in USA is due to the profit margins. It is mostly used in countries which have socialized medicine that is not based on profits. Dr. Goldberg states that neither generator nor oxygen concentrator offer the possibility of massive profit margins.
The healing power of ozone
It takes only 10 seconds for ozone to kill 99% of bacteria, mold, viruses, yeast and fungi- 3,500 times faster than chlorine.
Ozone is concidered the fastest oxidizing agent and the best eradicator of harmful organisms since its molecule equals to 3000 to 10 000 molecules of chlorine. With just a contact, ozone kills cancer cells. Ozone has some other healing machanisms so here are some of them:
Stimulates the oxygen matabolism;
Activates the immune system;
Deactivates of protozoa, viruses, yeast, bacteria and fungi.
Becasue ozone goes directly to the cells, it has a high success rate.
Cellular damage
Dr. Otto Warburg stated that “the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of the body cells by an anaerobic( oxygen-less) cell respiration”. He won a Nobel price in 1925 for his dicovery that the body cells rid of 40 % of their oxygen when pathogenic transformations in them begin.
Another doctor, Albert Wahl stated that “ Disease is due to a deficiency in the oxidation process of the body, leading to an accmulation of toxins. These toxins are ordinarily burned in normal oxidation”
The primary food for healthy cells is glucose which is burned through oxidation. According to Dr. Warburg, the cells use an inferior process of energy dispensation and production such as fermentation, when they are robbed of their usual oxygen quantity. The cell releases lactic acid instead of carbon dioxide, since it ferments sugar without oxygen as a result of disabled respiratory faculty.
Dr. Godberg explains that hemoglobin cannot release oxygen without receiving carbon dioxide firts, so the lack of it is fatal. As a result of this, the damaged cell is being deprived of its oxygen nourishment, while simultaneoulsy being poisoned by the prolifteration of toxic pathogens.
Freud and apoptosis
Freud stated that all of us must return to our origin and called this theory a death drive. This is due to apoptosis which describes a kind of suicide mechanism in all of our cells.
When a damaged cell fails to self-destruct for the greater good of the body, it lives and reproduces. So, the replicated cells don’t have the ability of self-destruction, and according to Dr. Goldberg, the cell that should have died already, loses its ability to govern its own growth which results in cancer.
Ozone and cancer
One of the main suporters of ozone therapy, Dr. Shallengreger, says that the main problem with cancer is not the lack of oxygen in the cells but that the mitochondria are not using it properly. By Ozone therapy, mitochondria is stimulated to use oxygen optimally.
Unlike chemotherapy, ozone therapy attacks the pathogens that aren’t protected and kilss the cells that lost their self-destructing machanism.
Cancer and ozone are simmilar due to the imbalance of and extra atom as well as attracted to each other. “Quite beautifully, it is a mutual attraction dance between the disease( the pathogenic cells) and the remedy for the disease (ozone)”.
Methods od administering the ozone therapy
There are numerous methods of administering ozone therapy such as:
1. Breathing ozonated oil (Self-Administered)
Breathing ozone which is filtered through olive oil is not only irritating to the lungs, but can also help clear lung distress and sinus infections.
2. Ozonated saline therapy (administered by practitioner)
A saline solution of ozone is administered to the patient
3. Dental application
This therapy is used for tooth infections, periodontal therapy and root canal.
4. Drinking ozonated water
Why not concider this therapy since it has some extraordinary health benefits and it is very simple to use because it includes only drinking ozonated water.
5. Insufflation
It is a self- administered therpy because it is injected to the patient through the vagina or rectum.
6. Autohemotherapy (Administered by practitioner)
This therapy includes direct injection of the ozone into the patients vein, mixed with the blood and infused back to the patient.
7. Direct injection into the cancerous tumor (Administered by the practitioner)
For liver cancer, the ozone is directly injected in the portal vein, while for breast cancer it is injected directly into the tumor.
8. Transdermal ozone sauna (Administered in health center)
This therapy is dispensed through a sauna spray.
9. Topical ozonated oils (Self-administered)
Massage into the skin ozonated oils such as jojoba, sesame, olive oils.
10. Sauna bag (Administered in health centers)
The therapy is absorbed by the skin through a bag or suit filled with ozone for 45 minutes