Hair loss as condition is affecting more and more young people. It is a real nightmare for those who have to deal with it.

This problem can be activated by several factors like:

Chronic stress


Weight Loss


Of course we should not ignore the genetic factor if we have.

The body to respond with hair loss when is under stress is common way. Stress is so powerful that can cause hormonal imbalance.

Here we will present you an amazing, effective and natural way how to regrow your hair but stronger and faster than ever.

The recipe is consisted of guava leaves.

Guava leaves are abundant with vitamin B which is by the way responsible for healthy hair grow.

The guava leaves act on the hair follicles and roots making them stronger and solve the problems with hair loss.

How to use it?

Take one liter water and add handful of guava leaves and boil them for 20 minutes. Let the mixture to cool. Use this mixture to massage the scalp. Leave it to act for several hours, then wash it off.

Advice plus:

Massage the scalp in the evening before going to bed. Put a shower cap and leave it until the morning.