Are you among those people that suffer from bloated stomach couple times monthly, usually after a heavy meal? Also there are lots of people that feel bloated all the time.

Here we have 5 tips how to get rid of this unpleasant feeling.

What is actually bloating?


Many people believe that bloating is linked with farting too much where others think that is related with excessive burping. Most of them believe that it is only related with the appearance or when they feel too full. They describe that belly looks like in pregnant women or like as it will explode.


According to the doctors, bloating is actually gas trapped in the stomach.  These are 5 most important things that may cause bloating and how to fix this:


The bloating problem is usually resolved by low-carb diet. Carbs can make you feel bloated if not digested properly. You can also prevent the problem if you avoid starches, sugar and alcohol. That is the main reason why you have to replace all those unhealthy sweets (especially sugar) with blended vegetables, berries and fruits. To eat healthy, fight bloating and lose weight at the same time check this perfect 3 week diet regimen!


The key to feel relieve is to empty your bowels and you will manage that only of you consume foods rich in fibers. The fibers help to relieve the gas trapped behind the poop.  You can make the problem worse if you start consuming more fiber suddenly. Consume berries, smoothies; replace white bread with whole grain bread.


Low quantity of water consumption

Many others health conditions are connected with the low intake of water. And if you consume coffee, alcohol and sugar you soon will be dehydrated. The recommended water intake is 6-8 glasses a day.


The body uses the fluids it contains when you do not drink enough water. Fluid retention is also one of the reasons for bloating stomach. If you want to avoid this condition, you should definitely drink enough water

You eat too quickly

In the event that you feel bloated, you ought to additionally eat and drink all the more gradually. There is a major significance of biting your nourishment gradually. You may have issue with absorption on the off chance that you don’t bite your nourishment sufficiently long. Bite gradually and take little nibbles.

You are excessively pushed

Numerous studies have demonstrated that stretch can make you feel bloated. When we are under the anxiety, our cerebrum keeps the best possible capacity of digestive tract. Stomachache and clogging can likewise make you feel bloated.

Focus on your eating regimen and remember the anxiety also on the off chance that you have any digestive issues or you feel bloated.