I bet that you think that the toilet is the dirtiest part of the house, restaurant or other place. But according some experiments and studies it is shown that the kitchen and the kitchen counters contain mote bacteria than the toilet seat.

Moreover, many of us have awkward germaphobic behaviors that do to protect themselves from bacteria and viruses. The problem is, none of us can really say whether doing any of this stuff is actually effective.

lavatory pan with toilet paper

lavatory pan with toilet paper

You hold your breath when somebody sniffles


This is not successful, unless you can hold your breath for quite a while. You can from sniffling microbes on the off chance that you hold your breath for a brief moment and move from that individual in a matter of seconds. Sniffling microscopic organisms can spread up to 4 feet.


In case you’re committed to impart a glass to somebody, you wipe it off before drinking


Yes, along these lines you uproot the greater part of the discharge, however the microbes remain. In this way, next time, when you need to abstain from drinking from the same glass, simply say you are contracting a bug.


You Use gloves on the ATM machine


The microscopic organisms will get on your gloves and when you remove the gloves and touch them. These microorganisms will be exchanged to your skin. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you can’t quit utilizing gloves while touching the ATM, simply put the gloves on a dry spot in the wake of utilizing them to abstain from exchanging them all over the place.


You`re covering the latrine seat


Numerous individuals tend to cover the can situate before utilizing it. Be that as it may, Dr. Tierno says that sitting on a latrine seat does not build the danger of contamination since it is a frosty surface and microorganisms can’t make due in icy environment. In this way, it is suggested that you abstain from touching your eyes, nose and mouth subsequent to utilizing the can and washing your hands completely once you are done.