Beetroot as vegetable contains a lots of vitamins and minerals. The most common are phosphorus, potassium and sulfur; ingredients that are very important for the creation of red blood cells. The quantity of magnesium helps to strengthen the nervous system.

As well if you are a woman with disrupted menstrual cycle, or menopausal symptoms, or other health conditions like rheumatism and high blood pressure.  Beetroot is excellent in the regulation of iron in the blood, and the level of antioxidants is great in the job of keeping the hemoglobin on a normal level. The iron consisted in the beetroot is good for the improvement of the circulation.

Also has great cleansing effect on the body from toxins.

The beetroot is good if you want to purify the liver, kidney, gall bladder and to stimulate the action of the lymph.


People who have gastrointestinal issues or liver problem should consume the following natural remedy:

100-150gr boiled beet for breakfast.

If you have problem with digestion than you should start drinking beet juice on daily basis. This juice will clean the intestines and helps them function properly.

The level of magnesium in the beet is also good for reducing stress.

How to use beet juice:

Freshly made beet juice can be kept in the fridge for no more than 3 hours before use ( it contains substances which can cause sickness)

One glass of beet juice a day in the evening is the perfect dosage.