Release your body with simple massage of your fingers. Every finger is specially connected with some organ of the body or health condition.


Thumb – the thumb is linked with the heart and lungs, thus when you experience palpitate, or shortness of breath, rub your thumb and pull the lead out.

Forefinger – perform this action for stomach issues and constipation.

Pointer – it is connected with colon and stomach, in this way for obstruction and looseness of the bowels, rub your finger palm.

Center finger – the individuals who feel wiped out while voyaging ought to tub their center finger. Additionally, the individuals who have poor rest quality because of pericardium can do this move.

Sweet finger – individuals who have successive headaches and muscle genuine annoyance that show up because of the blood not streaming easily ought to rub their sweet finger.

Palms – they are associated with numerous nerves, so on the off chance that you need to secure your physical wellbeing, then applaud.